Thermal-transfer printing Factory Long Thanh

Long Thanh is more than many years of experience in children fashion industry, during the process of producing and supplying children clothes to domestic and foreign customers, we realize many difficulties, The obstacles that customers as well as agents have to deal that is the design and quality of the product.

As we know to have a beautiful product, eye-catching, besides fabric material we need to have realistic images, lively to highlight the real value of products in the eyes of consumers.

Therefore, the printing process is extremely important not only to help them stand out, but also to increase competitiveness compared to conventional garments.

Thermal transfer printing in Vietnam

Thermal-transfer printing Service Long Thanh

Long Thanh wishes to bring to customers the unique and sophisticated children clothing that will increase sales and raise the brand.

The company not only owns modern 3D printing technology but Long Thanh impresses with its commitment to quality such as: no wrinkles, no blurry, sharp images. Timely processing and delivery across the country..

Long Thanh specializes in providing cheap thermal transfer printing services in Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, Binh Duong, ... and other provinces in the country.

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Some Thermal-transfer printing method in Long Thanh include:

  1. Thermal decal printing
  2. Offset print
  3. Cotton textile printing
  4. T-Shirt Printing
  5. Thermal transfer printing
  6. Printed digital fabric

What is thermal transfer printing?

Thermal transfer printing is a method of printing thermal-transfer on paper or on some other materials such as cotton, spandex, felt, silk, ... by melting a layer Cover the Ribbon (ribbon) so that it is printed on the material to be printed.

Thermal transfer printing method is often used more favorably than direct thermal printing method (without ribbon in the printing process) thanks to the ability to create products with high quality, sharp, color images clear, durable colors over time. 

Thermal transfer printing works well on paper, but it excels in applying images to a variety of other materials including garments and textiles

The world first thermal transfer printer named SATO M-2311 was invented in 1981 by SATO Japan Corporation.

Thermal transfer printing on fabric

For example, a thermal-pressed T-shirt manufacturer passes the image onto a cloth. The thermal transfer printing images have high durability, thermal resistance, adhesives and very good water resistance. 

Thermal transfer printing can be used to print on hard objects such as coffee cups, wood, ...

Operation process of thermal transfer printer

Thermal transfer printing is done by melting the wax in the print head of the printer. Thermal transfer printing uses 3 main components: print head (fixed), carbon ribbon (ink) and printed substrate (substrate is usually paper, synthetic material, card or textile material) .

Three components are combined together to form a shape like a sandwich with ribbon in the between. The thermal -compatible print head, combined with the ribbon's electrical properties and the precise rheology of ribbon, is essential in high quality print image.

Print heads are available in resolutions: 203 dpi, 300 dpi and 600 dpi. Each dot is independently processed, it will heat up immediately when electronic addressing, with customizable temperature.

Thermal transfer printing process

When the elements are heated, it will immediately melt the wax or plastic base on the side of the ribbon facing the substrate, and this process, combined with constant pressure applied by the engine lock the print head, immediately transfer it to the base.

The element will cool down immediately when a dot is disabled. Finally when the substrate exits the printer, it is completely dry and can be used immediately.

The carbon ribbon is on the roll and is attached to the main shaft or roll holder in the printer. Ribbon used to be rewound by rotation axis, forming a tape "used". It is termed a "one-trip" ribbon because once it has been rewound, the used roll is discarded and replaced with a new one.

When printing thermal transfer is ideal

Heat transfer printers are more useful for some print situations than others. When applied correctly, thermal transfer prints will produce high-quality, high-quality image prints, making it useful for digital photo prints.

Thermal transfer printers work well to add or customize prints on fabrics such as sports uniform numbers. Because thermal prints are durable, they work well when objects are exposed to the elements. Thermal transfer printing is a better solution than direct thermal printing.

Advantages of thermal printing

- Low cost includes both input and material costs.

- Print fast, easy operation.

- perform simple manipulation, do not need high-tech

- Image prints sharp, high quality, durable color over time.


- Do not print well on black fabric, dark blue, ...

- Limited print on some non-thermal resistant fabrics

Some images of thermal transfer on the fabric are made by Long Thanh printing factory

Print on sportswear

Print on sportswear

Printed on T-shirts

Printed on T-shirts

Print on the jacket

Print on the jacket

Those are the latest products at Long Thanh Garment Company which are produced based on the method of heat transfer printing on fabric, with harmonious colors, combined with various designs, surely Long Thanh is the address that you can not be ignored.

For more information, please contact Long Thanh Printing Factory via phone number 0908 620 739