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Xưởng may quần áo trẻ em giá sỉ Long Thanh

Long Thanh garment is specialized in providing wholesale children clothing for local and overseas agents as a reputable wholesaler of children clothing in Ho Chi Minh city with many years of experience in the garment sector. The cheapest children clothes in the market today.

Located on 19 Phu Hoa street, crossing Ly Thuong Kiet street in Tan Binh district, Ho Chi Minh City is a convenient place to provide goods for small traders in Tan Binh market with products suitable for fashion and Tastes of consumers.

Therefore, our products are highly competitive and attract a lot of attention and choices from the consumer, helping the garment shops to make a lot of profits than.

Supplier and wholesale children clothing Long Thanh

Especially with many years experience in providing children clothing products to customers, we understand the factors that contribute to the success of a store, a shop for children clothing, That is the combination of quality and reasonable price.

Trends in fashion in the world in general and in Vietnam in particular are always changing, fluctuating continuously, children are also not out of the general trend.

Vietnam Kids Wear Manufacturer

Thinking about the clothes simply to meet the daily needs of children are now no longer, today, the clothes, clothes not only to serve the dress, but here It is also a means to enhance the aesthetics of children.

Long Thanh garment Factory specializes in supplying wholesale baby clothes not only in Vietnam but also exported to countries around the world, from local agencies to the market centers, supermarkets, parks trade, …

Vietnam Children Clothing Supplier

You are intending to sell baby clothes, and certainly the thing you are interested in is to find a reputable and quality wholesale children clothing store to order. That is the common concern of those who start business.

Today we see a lot of places to sell these goods from high-end to low-end, such as shopping centers, supermarkets, baby fashion shops, small shops, markets or online shops, each Where to go to the specific criteria of quality, style.

And if you choose items with sleek, quality that the price affordable, then you will also have a significant number of customers.

Knowing the difficulties and desires of our customers, we have been constantly striving and modernizing the production process to produce the children clothes with the lowest possible price.

Vietnam Children Clothing Supplier

Not only that, we also have a team to develop and design various styles of clothing suitable for all ages such as: clothes, sportswear, jeans, shirts, trunks, girl dresses, girls' shirts, T-shirts ... many other products designed to suit children with seasonal seasonally and by region.

Come to Long Thanh, you can easily choose the clothes suitable for the area you are trading.

For example: If you are in the area near the children's school, or near the kindergarten, the candles you trade in small size clothes for children with weight from 5 kg - 25 kg. At this age children love colorful, outstanding colors, such as pink, blue, red, yellow, green, ...

There is no gender difference (boys or girls), but every color is good for kids.

On the contrary, if you are in areas with many schools, high schools, and high schools, you should do retail business of clothes with larger sizes, from 30 kg to 55 kg, at this age children like play sports, so sportswear business is best suited.

The mode of transportation of goods exported to countries around the world

When you step into the business, you are not only thinking of finding sources of goods wholesale, cheap but also you should pay attention to the mode of transportation that the place provides.

Because why, if you put the goods with cheap line with hundreds of kilograms, but high transport costs, it also does not bring profits to you.

At Thanh Long garment we are associated exclusively with the lowest cost carrier in the market today.

We not only provide and transport goods in the country, but all of our overseas orders also choose the cheapest shipping routes to ensure the highest profit for our customers.

Wholesale children clothes in vietnam

Address children wholesale clothing exports prestige in Ho Chi Minh City

We are Children Clothing Manufacturer in Vietnam which export to other countries such as Thailand, Japan, Laos, Cambodia, Malaysia, Singapore, Africa, Myanmar, ...

Long Thanh garment is the leading garment exporter in Ho Chi Minh City with the latest designs and styles following the trend of modern, diverse sizes, styles and styles, depending the needs and tastes of each customer.

Some of the fabrics that we offer are quite popular in the market today such as: elastic, cotton, tici, super fabrics, felt fabrics, leather .... We also receive thermal transfer printing in Vietnam in large quantities.

Especially, with the experience of exporting goods to other countries in the world, we are confident that the export of children clothes with the cheapest price in the region today.

In addition to the above advantages, we also offer attractive policies for customers such as high discount, exchange of inventory, faulty goods, ...

Contact Long Thanh garment

Especially, with the experience of exporting goods to other countries in the world, we are confident that the export of children clothes with the cheapest price in the region today.

Address: 19 Phú Hòa street, ward 7, Tân Bình district, Hồ Chí Minh city 

Hotline: 0908 620 739 (Zalo/Viber/Line/Sky/Whatsapp/) 




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