Factory supply wholesale baby clothes online

by Long Bùi
Factory supply wholesale baby clothes online

You are dealing in children's clothing online and you want to find a small supply of children's clothing wholesale to get the goods to sell, go to Long Thanh Garment Factory, a specialized manufacturer and wholesaler of pants Children's clothes in Ho Chi Minh City, With extremely favorable preferential policies for customers, it is certain that Long Thanh Garment Factory will be a place to sell children's clothes online which customers cannot ignore.

Online children's clothing business is a topic that many young people care about, how to make online business effective, high turnover, without spending too much effort and money. these are still so many young people are wondering.

Before starting any business, you should learn carefully about it, how do consumers use it? Who are your potential customers? ... and there are many other issues that you need to know carefully, before embarking on an online business.

To help your business succeed right from the start, finding yourself a reputable and quality source of children's clothing and clothing is the most important thing you should not ignore.

Product quality determines your success

Product quality determines your success

Why do I say that, for example, you are a customer of Long Thanh Garment Factory when you first buy at the factory but the products of the factory are not supplied with the right quality of advertising, not with the advertising image then what do you think, you won't tell me to come back again.

So the quality of the product really determines your success, when you trade in children's clothing or whatever wear, you have to find out carefully about the source you are about to take, even you You have to spend money to buy trial, touch, etc. so that you can compare your product and that of your competitors. From there you can also advise customers in the best and most honest way.

"Never sell products that you have never seen before, or never tried," this will be very difficult in your business. Remember this.

factory supply wholesale children's clothing - Long Thanh

Factory supply wholesale children's clothing - Long Thanh

Having long-term experience in the field of children's fashion apparel, Long Thanh Garment Factory constantly innovates models as well as product quality, producing the best products with the highest quality to the consumers use.

Long Thanh Garment Factory is a prestigious address for online customers to sell children's clothes for sale, Long Thanh always updates new models every day, with unique and exclusive designs, available for customers. choose, don't worry about missing goods.

Especially when customers come to Long Thanh Garment Factory, they can take the goods freely without requiring a lot of bills or a small amount of children's clothes, which are filled in all 3 floors of the workshop, for customers to choose. comfortable.

With wholesale prices from only 10k - 25k with a full range of designs, you are spoiled for choice. If the goods are not sold, please bring them to the factory and exchange new products at no cost.

Guide children's clothing business online the right way

Guide children's clothing business online the right way

In the age of 4.0 online business is one of the conditions for deciding your revenue decision, if a business or an organization or any one of you is dealing in children's clothing or any business Online products that do not use e-commerce have gone back more than 40 years.

Currently the social network is the most powerful development time in the past few years such as: facebook, zalo, Instagram, twitter, ... along with the e-commerce sites that dominate the technology market in Vietnam such as Lazada, amazon, shopee, tiki, sendo, ... These are opportunities and challenges for you to enter the online business school through these big guys.

Here I will guide you some ways to sell on social networking sites as well as e-commerce sites, wish you success!

Trading in children's clothes via social networks

Facebook social network


If facebook is not known, then I have nothing to tell you anymore, facebook has now reached the number of billions of users, and will continue to increase in the coming years, is the playground of everyone on the world in which Vietnam is.

In Vietnam according to the world research, the number of facebook users has reached a record number, with these numbers, you surely know what I want to talk about. The purpose of online business on facebook is to target potential customers who are using this social network.

  1. Create fanpage

  • First, you should create a fanpage to name your products.
  • Make friends, introduce fanpage to your friends, and potential customers.
  • Facebook ads are also a very effective way to promote your fanpage.
  1. Post products

  • Regularly post products that you are trading, remember that the product must have clear images, alternating are articles on how to use the product, the new news related to attract customers to follow and buy line.
  1. Livestream discounts

  • If the number of guests following your facebook is sufficient, then you can livestream directly, to sell, by reducing the price of the product, or donating the accompanying items, creating trust to customers, ...

Zalo social network


Zalo is a Vietnamese social network used by a large number of Vietnamese people, with many attractive enhancements, allowing users to sell directly on zalo, and many other support features, such as product advertising. with potential customers, ... see more sales features on zalo here.

Trading in children's clothing through "e-commerce" pages

Lazada e-commerce trading floor

1. Lazada Group

Lazada Group is a German private e-commerce company founded by Rocket Internet in 2011. Entering the Vietnamese market quite early, soon the group has occupied almost the entire online market. of our country, that shows us the truly terrible power of the 4.0 era for our newly developed economy.

Guide to selling goods on Lazada

  1. Create a Lazada account
  2. Register a seller channel account

Sign up for a booth at Lazada

Then you fill out the information according to the instructions to open the booth.

  1. Sell ​​online with Lazada

When registering, there will be many sales support programs provided by Lazada, please take advantage of that, in this article I will not guide you to do that.

Shopee e-commerce site

2. Shopee

Shopee is an e-commerce trading floor established in 2009 in Singapore, and was introduced for the first time in 2015 and currently Shopee has been present in countries such as Singapore; Malaysia; Thailand; Taiwan; Indonesia; Vietnam, and the Philippines ...

With the number of searches up to millions, Shopee is currently a formidable competitor of Lazada and other exchanges. However, it will be an opportunity for the online children's clothing business to find potential customers through advertisements that Shopee pays for PR.

Guide to creating a store on Shopee

  1. Create a Shopee account
  2. Register a seller channel account

Sign up for a shopee shop

After successful registration, you complete the required information, the product is completed as shown below.

Shopee shop

Hình ảnh tham khảo

Tiki, Sendo You do the same as Shopee and Lazada, ...

Did you find this difficult, through this tutorial, is definitely not difficult at all?

Advantages of using e-commerce trading floor

  • Easily create booths, free of charge
  • Easy access to potential customers
  • Ship fast, nationwide coverage


  • Competition is high, (because 1 product will have a lot of sellers, each other's price, asynchronous).
  • ... ..

Yes. Those are some of my sincere sharing for you who have just started selling baby clothes online in Ho Chi Minh City and other provinces across the country.

Contact to buy goods at Long Thanh Garment Factory

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