Factory supplying baby clothing with the wholesale price

Factory supplying baby clothing with the wholesale price

With many years experience in providing wholesale children's fashion in Vietnam for local and foreign agents, Long Thanh Garment always prestige prestige, put quality products on the top, so that agents always satisfied and feel secure when ordering at the factory.

We are committed to quality and price per product, if customers check the error can be exchanged without any cost.

Trends in current baby clothes wholesale

As we know, the need of human kind is followed by social improvment. Kids fashion is more popular in our society, it will be more convenient and lively for us, especially for shops or agencies which sell Kids clothes basing seasons or styles.

Because demand for clothing for children is increasing, so the market for wholesale children's clothing also increased, it can be said that children's fashion is a delicious and attractive piece of cake in the following years, promising to bring the trader a huge profit.

According to statistics, the market of children's fashion business is still not saturated and tends to continue to increase in the coming years.

Children clothing wholesale trend in Vietnam

So if you are looking to start a baby clothing business, start now. If you have not got a wholesaler, then here I will introduce you to the most prestigious collection of children's clothing today.

Wholesale children clothing store in Tan Binh city, Ho Chi Minh

Long Thanh garment was established in 2013 as a workshop providing children's clothing for domestic and international agents, using advanced technology and the most modern production line to create quality products high, can compete on markets in the European region.

The application of modern technology, fully automatic production of embroidery, printing (3D Printing, Color Printing), ... ... so the price of finished products for agents is very cheap, especially not through intermediaries.

Wholesale address of children clothing in Vietnam

At present we offer a wide range of baby clothes, from birth to adolescence, of any kind, which can be ordered in the form, by size, and in different quantities.

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Many kinds of children's clothing with diverse designs are trended and based on the interests of children such as: sportswear, sportswear, triangular clothes, jeans, princess dress, skirt, dress, ....

Why you should get baby clothes at Long Thanh Garment

Wholesale price policy

- Provided to dealers throughout the country and abroad not through intermediaries, 100% guarantee of the original price.

- Do not raise prices or lower prices for any preferences, to ensure fairness in business.

Product quality

- Long Thanh factory chose 100% cotton fabric from Vietnam for production and has sold to hundreds of customers for many years.

Product design

- Long Thanh Garment produces more than 150,000 sets every month so the products are updated to keep up with the market and always give the latest models for your agent.

Wholesale address of children clothing

Where is the wholesale baby clothes supplier?

Located at 19 Phu Hoa, Ward 7, Tan Binh District Tan Binh Market opposite the gateway is a major cargo hub in the city. With favorable geographical position, Long Thanh Garment is the biggest wholesaler of baby clothes for small traders in the market.

Choosing where to buy baby clothes is important. That determines your profit, you need to carefully choose to make your business more and more, and that is what we want when our products make many customers choose and use.

With the policy of free delivery nationwide and free return, the Long Thanh Garment is the perfect choice for customers across the country.

Contact Long Thanh Garment

Address: 19 Phú Hòa street, ward 7, Tân Bình district, Hồ Chí Minh city 
Hotline: 0908 620 739 (Zalo/Viber/Line/Sky/Whatsapp/) 
Email: xuongmaylongthanh@gmail.com


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