The factory specializes in the wholesale of children VNXK

by Long Bùi
The factory specializes in the wholesale of children VNXK

Long Thanh Garment Factory is a manufacturer and exporter of baby clothes to countries such as Thailand, Indonesia, Laos, Compodia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Singapore, South Africa, and other countries in the world.

The products of Long Thanh are from high to low quality, depending on the needs of each customer, the price is the same, from 10k, 15k, up to 50k, 60k 1 set, the higher the price, the higher the quality. .

Long Thanh has a large source of children's clothes, enough to meet all the requirements of domestic and foreign customers.

Wholesale children's clothing Vietnam Exports

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Address wholesale children's clothing Vietnam Export

Long Thanh Garment Factory is an address specializing in producing children's clothing in the country and exported to foreign countries with a large-scale sewing factory system, along with a team of staff with many years of experience in the fashion apparel industry for children.

Sources of wholesale children's clothing exports

Contact information of Long Thanh Garment Factory:

Children's clothing set VNXK

Policy on wholesale children's clothing exports in Long Thanh

Customers buying export clothes at Long Thanh Garment Factory, please refer to some policies of the workshop as follows:

Purchase policy:

  • Khách mua hàng ít nhất với hơn đơn hàng từ 1 triệu trở lên.
  • Khách mua hàng phải lấy đủ size, đủ ri tùy theo mẫu mà số ri, số size có thể khác nhau.

Sales policy:

  • The factory is ready to provide the necessary information about the product to customers, to best support customers selling online.
  • Customers make 1 of the zalo: 0354001251 - 0938866372 - 0938930470 - 0382964616 to order, there will be customer support staff to advise you.
  • The factory is committed to quality on each product, without intermediaries, the cheapest price on the market.

Return policy:

  • Customers can exchange if the product has errors caused by the manufacturer such as: torn, unpacked, ...
  • Customers can exchange unsold products, inventory.

Children's clothing warehouse for export

Long Thanh Garment Factory is one of the garment factories specializing in processing garments for children with warehouses in the area of ​​Ho Chi Minh City, one of the largest cities in the country.



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