Jeans for baby 2 years old

by Tây Võ Ngọc
Jeans for baby 2 years old

2 Years old is the age children like going out with the parents. In order that baby is always beautiful and cute, parents should choose different styles to change costumes for baby.

Jeans for baby are sold in many kids fashion stores, shops so mothers will have many choices to buy products with the high quality and reasonable price. Coming to Long Thanh garment you will receive the best service from enthusiastic staffs.

When mentioning baby fashion, you should not miss kids jeans. This is one of the costumes express personality, dynamic, health for children. Your baby can wear this cloth to go out, walk, party, picnic and so many activities.

The skin of baby is so sensitive; therefore, you should choose good material as cotton material. This material will bring the comfortable feeling, good absorbent. However, it is also easy to shrink after washing. To solve this problem, you need have some right washing ways to keep costumes.

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Besides, you should care to some details such as colors, designs, and vignette. To children, you need to choose soft colors such as white, light green, pink, violet.

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These colors help mothers find out stains in children clothes in the meantime it also help them have sleep well.

New babies have sensitive skin. Some experts recommend all cotton, although soft cotton blends also work for many babies. Organic fabric is often softer than either of them, although usually pricier.

Millions of garments have been recalled in recent years because their failure to meet safety standards.

Some introductions when buying cotton material:

- Natural fabric that brings soft and airy feeling is the best choices in order to protect the safety as well as children's health.

Non-Azo and radioactive substance when contacting to baby's sweat and saliva.

- No Formaldehyde with harmful factors

- No zinc to avoid skin allergies

To meet these demands, Long Thanh garment is the smart choice for all those who have business demands in the baby dress market. Long Thanh garment commit to bring the best service for every order with the best price.

Our purpose is:

- Researching and bringing the safe products, the quality and reasonable price for children

- Vision: Developing retail systems and products specializing in baby. Long Thanh garment always bring the best products for children, this is the crucial aim in our business.

Products: We commit and ensure the quality products from the factory to consumers to meet the all the demands in the market.

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All products in Long Thanh garment have clear origin with the quality, variety and reasonable price.    That is the reason why you can feel secure when choosing Long Thanh.

  • Benefits: Long Thanh garment gain the rate of growth 100% yearly. In which, Ho Chi Minh City is the biggest market. In the future, Long Thanh garment will expand the market to many countries in the world in order to meet the needs of consumers. The customers can find any products for baby at Long Thanh garment.
  • Technology: Long Thanh is established basing on modern technology machines. We invest management software systems controlling all business activities. Therefore, the cost will be better than other places.
  • Staff: The professional and enthusiastic staffs are proud of the company. In addition, the employee's spiritual life is also taken care of with treatment policies, enhancing work ethic and inspiring employees to contribute and bring values to themselves and community. 

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