Wholesaler of baby clothes in Ho Chi Minh City

by Long Bùi
Wholesaler of baby clothes in Ho Chi Minh City

Long Thanh Garment Factory is a facility specializing in producing and wholesaling newborn clothes at wholesale prices in Ho Chi Minh City, selected by domestic and foreign customers, diverse models, new models are updated every day, the most competitive prices in the market.

To help the business go up, you should look for a reputable wholesale, quality, with long experience in the fashion industry, to import goods for sale.

And Long Thanh Garment Factory is one of them, we have a professional and modern production line system, with a capacity of thousands of products per day, surely Long Thanh is the address you are looking for.

Long Thanh specializes in wholesaling newborn clothes

With many years of experience in the children's fashion industry, we know the difficulties of customers when they first start up the business, the biggest difficulty is how to find wholesale sources with the lowest prices and quality assurance.

To help customers solve this problem, Long Thanh Garment Factory has set up a number of wholesale policies to help customers get the opportunity to import wholesale goods with original prices from the factory without any intermediaries.

How to get wholesale clothes for newborns in Long Thanh

Customers can buy directly at the factory's wholesale warehouse or buy online through the following phone numbers: 0908 620 739 (Zalo/Viber/Line/Sky/Whatsapp/)

Conditions: buy at least 1 million or more.

Customers can view new samples at Facebook or ZALO, Long Thanh will update continuously every day for customers to reference.

Collection of wholesale baby clothes at Long Thanh

Newborn clothes wholesale prices in HCMC

Set of red babies with bow for girls

Pink newborn outfit for girls

Orange newborn outfit for girls

Set of red newborn for girls

wholesale newborn baby map

Newborn clothes tan binh market

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