Baby clothes wholesale in Tan Binh

Baby clothes wholesale in Tan Binh

Where to buy wholesale baby clothes? How to find the best wholesale baby wholesaler? I am not in HCMC, how to buy the best price when I have the need to open a shop, open store for children clothing.

This question will be answered the fastest for you are in need of trading and trading children's clothing quality good and prestige in TPhcm in particular and in other provinces in the country in general.

You will easily be updated with the latest products and at wholesale prices at the factory save maximum cost to you, for your business to be favorable.

Where to buy wholesale baby clothes

Long Thanh wholesale apparel factory in Ho Chi Minh City is a production base, children clothing export 100% of the best quality and designs, designs are always updated in accordance with fashion trends in the country and in the world.

In order to meet the demand of business to open shops, store, clothing trade for children abroad and consumer demand for good quality goods with prices suitable for domestic traders ...

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We have many preferential policies on prices as well as transportation to the primary agents and wholesale wholesale children clothing in large quantities in Long Thanh.

Girls clothes wholesale in Ho Chi Minh City

Long Thanh specializes in providing children's clothing for export in Tphcm:

- The quality of fabric (T-shirt, Jeans, Kaki, Kate, Boi ...) are standard textiles of Japan. Especially 100% Cotton, with elastic is standard 100% Cotton 4-way.

- The price is guaranteed the cheapest for customers, the standard export, quality fabric 100% cotton (absorb sweat, no allergy) because we are a closed manufacturer.

- is the best-selling children's apparel store in 2017 in the field of children's fashion.

- Form conforms to the trend of the world market.

Kids clothes t-shirt

Are you in Tan Binh and are looking for an address to buy children's clothes just beautiful, cheap and quality for your baby love?

Then, Long Thanh Garment is a place that can satisfy 3 of your requirements. Super cute and lovely, that is the words can describe the products that Long Thanh factory brought to customers.

Here, the number of available products is extremely diverse in color and design at reasonable prices, in addition to good customer service and reputation. It is hard to miss this address whenever someone needs advice on where to buy baby clothes in Tphcm.

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From the gorgeous gowns for the girls to the merry, dynamic clothes for the boys, all carefully selected Long Thanh, to not only bring comfort when wearing baby.

Persistence over time by the high quality materials used but also help make your baby love you more lovely and beautiful than ever.

Contact for order or for advice

Address: 19 Phu Hoa, Ward 7, Tan Binh District, Ho Chi Minh City
Hotline: 0908 620 739 (Viber / Line / Sky / Whatsap)


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