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by Tây Võ Ngọc
Quần áo cho bé trai

Clothes for beautiful boys, cheap, many new fashion, updated regularly every day in the factory and wholesale lychee clothes for boys in particular and children clothes in general in HCMC, where parents should choose to buy clothes for their boys, with the prestige and experience to produce children fashion items, sure to bring the baby the most beautiful and safest clothes.

Fashion samples for boys are selected by Long Thanh Garment, suitable for all styles of fashion as well as modern trends.

It is a great destination when shopping for your beloved children, shirts, jackets with the latest design Long Thanh factory we update constantly.

2018 is expected to be the year of the velvet fabric. Speaking of velvet fabric, people will think of softness, smoothness, silky and classic beauty.

Most people think that this material is not suitable for girls or boys fashion because it will make them look heavier and older than their age.

This is not necessarily true because if mothers know how to coordinate skillfully with velvet clothing such as dresses, skirts, trousers ... then it will be possible to create young, fashionable outfits for the baby.

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Velvet clothing is especially suitable for winter wear and formal events such as weddings, birthdays, Tet holidays.

new boy t-shirt

Boy clothes with new fabric

If the mother is still confused in the choice of velvet dress for her baby or do not know how to coordinate velvet, the article below.

It is sure to surprise moms about what velvet can bring to the baby style and make the mother change her mind right away.

1. To match the age of the baby, many fashion designers have been constantly creating and launching velvet outfits with very young colors and designs.

Pink feminine colors, the girls will not be old in velvet dresses and instead look kids will pretty, graceful rhythm and momentum.

In order to prevent the baby from appearing redundant in the velvet outfit, mummy skillfully combine cute accessories such as mane or simple hair will make children look more youthful and lovely.

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Fashionable boys clothes are sleek, masculine according to the latest trend for boys in 2018. In particular, many types of clothing boy 1-year-old, 2-year-old boys high-grade clothes are sold at the Long Thanh Garment Factory. 

2. In addition, the shop selling clothes for boys Long Thanh is selling a lot of clothes for boys 1 to 10 years old export.

Products of boys clothing unique design, durable material such as Korean boys shirt, elastic baby boy shirt, boys jacket, jeans for boys. Let mothers happy shopping clothes boys export beautiful with the best price.

The children clothing of the workshop are sewn according to the technology and advanced standards, fabrics are natural fabrics extremely safe for children when wearing, are imported directly from cotton fields nature.

beautiful baby boy costume

9 things you should know when buying goods at Long Thanh factory

1. 100% of the original price. Since we have our own factory, we have our own brand.

2. High quality. We only produce and sell good quality goods, not too high quality but guaranteed. Absolutely not sell poor quality products.

3. Variety of models, many types, the latest, very few goods.

4. Nationwide shipping, fast.

5. Online delivery to home in the country.

6. Return shipping if not sold.

7. High discount when taking large quantities

8. Support for shipping out of the inner city bus station Hanoi, Saigon

9. Free consulting experience for children business

Buy baby clothes wholesale in Long Thanh

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