Where to find export baby clothing supplier in Ho Chi Minh City

by Tây Võ Ngọc
Where to find export baby clothing supplier in Ho Chi Minh City

Long Thanh Garment Factory has many years of experience in processing and exporting children's clothes with a large-scale garment factory system to ensure the creation of tens of thousands of products per day, to supply domestic and foreign markets. . Long Thanh is a familiar wholesale address for customers in Thailand, Myanmar, Malaysia, Singapore, Laos, Cambodia, Africa, South Africa, ...

Temple with Long Thanh Garment Factory, you will be selected with the latest fashion models, in accordance with modern fashion trends. You can contact us via facebook, Viber, Line, Sky, Whatsapp or Call our Hotline: 0908 620 739 to be supported in the best way.

Long Thanh export children's fashion factory

Long Thanh Garment Factory Address: 19 Phu Hoa, Ward 7, Tan Binh District, Ho Chi Minh City, opposite Tan Binh Market is an important wholesale hub for customers across the country. Using sewing technology with modern lines, fully meet the requirements of each customer, when coming to Long Thanh.

In addition to wholesale children's clothing exported to countries in Southeast Asia and around the world, we are particularly interested and focused on the domestic children's clothing market. To help customers have opportunities to compete with long-term shops, Long Thanh Garment Factory is ready to provide customers with original prices and set out appropriate policies to help solve inventory problems for customers such as : allowed to exchange inventory items, unsold goods, ...

=> Learn more: https://xuongmaylongthanh.vn/quan-ao-tre-em/xuong-cung-cap-quan-ao-tre-em-gia-si/

wholesale children's clothing export place

If you still wonder why you choose Long Thanh garment factory, the following criteria will answer your questions:

  • The garment products at the factory are sewn with good materials, beautiful seams, the original price is not intermediate.
  • Professional and enthusiastic staff, with many years of experience in sewing children's clothes. We will advise solutions to help you reach your target customers more easily.
  • Our goal is to be right: the right model, the right quality and the right time.

Advantages when customers take wholesale

  • Get goods easily, quickly, save time and effort, when looking for clues at markets.
  • Comfortable loading does not count when you arrive at the factory.
  • Costs are maximally saved, especially in the markets of stalls, which are often collected at factories, so prices can be pushed up.
  • Designs, colors, designs, extremely rich quality, full color, enough size, spoiled for choice.
  • For those new to business, or thin, this supply is very suitable.
  • To get the original price, not through intermediaries, you can rest assured that you sell goods without worrying about losses.

Children's clothing export wholesale price


- If you are outside Ho Chi Minh City: you must get at least 500 $ to be able to provide wholesale price, which is the factory's regulation.

Sample of export children's fashion is favored by many customers:

wholesale export children's clothes tphcm

Baby girl dress for export

sell export children's clothes tphcm

Badger jeans for export girls

wholesale export baby clothes tphcm

Suit for export boys

export boy clothes

export boy clothes

Đồ bộ bé gái sát nách xuất khẩu sang Thái Lan

Girls clothes exported to Thailand

And there are many other samples, you can see more at the website or make friends zalo, our facebook to update the latest samples offline.


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