Dangers of using China kids clothing

by Tây Võ Ngọc

We know that goods from China have many potential dangers. For instance, foods, fruits and toys, etc. Especially, kids clothes and newborn items are consumed with a large of number from China.

Clothes from China

At the northern border of our country, goods originating from China were smuggled by dishonest trader through the border. In those items there are all kinds of baby clothes wholesale prices.They are imported into our country with quite cheap prices and are sold at relatively high prices.


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Many people still import this goods althought they know that it can cause the dangers to the community. According to a survey, Chinese-made baby clothes and newborn products are extremely hazardous. For example, NPE can confuse hormones, phthalates damages the reproductive system, etc. Particularly, these are found in the newborn and baby clothes that are smuggled into Vietnam.

kinds of baby clothes wholesale prices

China is the largest producer and exporter of garments in the world. It appeares at the market and big city with trade name "made in china". It is hard for consumers

to identify because these items are more eye-catching and cheaper than domestic ones. Therefore, many people choose to buy and they accidentally bring germs to your baby. At the markets in Ho Chi Minh City such as An Dong Market (District 5), Tan Binh Market (Tan Binh District), children clothing items are sold and some of them are originated from China.

From here will be wholesalers of children clothing, broken down to the shop or the other. Chinese goods are monopolizing our country and the dangers in children generation.

Chinese goods are monopolizing our country

Consumers should have the necessary knowledge when choosing these items. You should buy in prestigious places and brand name.


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