Where should you buy quality dress with cheap price for your kids?


Currently, parents demand in buying dress for kids clothing is increasing. They always care the quality, various styles, nice models and especially the price. There are many kids clothes stores, shops, supermarkets in Ho Chi Minh City. However, in order to find a prestigious place with various and quality products is not easy.

Usually sisters or buy dress market in commercial centers or markets and fashion shops. 

The wholesale price of baby clothing in Ho Chi Minh City is very exciting with a number of shops and distribution outlets, but most of the quality is not guaranteed and models have not caught the trend.

The address of providing children skirts in prestigious quality that extremely wholesale price is nowhere else is that Long Thanh Garment Factory in HCM City.

buying dress for kids clothing

Long Thanh specializes in providing wholesale children skirts

There is a place to buy cheap children's dress code is extremely beautiful but the price is nowhere to tell you Long Thanh Garment Factory in Tan Binh is a place that many parents find.

Long Thanh is one of the clothes shop that many parents trust and choose now.

Long Thanh specializes in producing and delivering all of kinds of baby clothing in domestic and abroad. We always update new styles every day, with the products made from quality materials.

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Besides the variety of models, updated products continuously, material made from natural cotton fabric along the sewing lines are sure to be outstanding advantages to win the trust of many customers.

kinds of baby clothing

With many years of experience in the kids fashion, Long Thanh garment is one of the leading supplier that is not only in Vietnam but also in the aboard market.

We are gradually expanding the market in around the World and overcoming difficulties to bring the best service for the customers.

The mission of Long Thanh Garment is to bring to the best products with various styles for the customers. We produce kid clothes products with the high quality and various models.

Our aim is to make the customers feel pleasure and confident. Therefore, Long Thanh Garment became a prestigious place for many customers.

dress for girls beautiful

Long Thanh Garment is proud of bringing to the customers the nice designs, healthy safety for millions of kids. . We always put the prestige in top and try our best to bring the best services for customers.

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