Share experiences taking wholesale children's clothing business effectively

by Long Bùi
experiences taking wholesale children's clothing

Wholesale clothing wholesale is not easy for beginners, so the following article I will share to you some experience in obtaining children's clothing wholesale business to achieve the highest efficiency.

Before you have to orient your goal of setting up your shop, what do you expect to provide with quality products? Coming to consumers, from there offering options and choosing the most appropriate children's clothing suppliers.

Choose an appropriate supplier of children's clothing

First of all, for a shop to thrive and sustainably, you need to choose for yourself the most suitable clothing supplier.

If you want to target the middle and low-income consumers, you should choose Long Thanh Garment Factory, because Long Thanh is a factory specializing in wholesale of baby clothes for domestic and foreign customers at wholesale prices only from 15 to 25k 1 set.

Long Thanh garment factory

On the contrary, you want to sell high quality products to serve high-income customers, you should choose suppliers such as Vinakids, Kidstyle, schuckids, ... wholesale prices are quite high, average from 60 to 150k 1 set.

There are also a lot of other suppliers, here I just mention the source of the address in Ho Chi Minh City, if you are in other areas, you can also get wholesale clothes for children at the above mentioned vendors.

Choose children's clothing size by weight

There are many people who do not understand how and how to set the size on children's clothing, many people think that size 1 is for 1-year-old babies and size 10 is for 10-year-old babies.

Choose children's clothing size by weight

Such a thought is wrong, you should abandon that thought immediately.

Children from birth, each child has a different weight already, so it is not possible to recap size with age.

Suppliers often rely on baby's weight and size to set the size, when taking baby clothes you need to pay attention to the weight.

Usually sizes 1 to 4 are for babies, if you shop for infant clothing, you should choose, otherwise you should choose larger sizes.

Choose colors for baby clothes according to "ri"

If you are dealing in children's clothes online, you should choose a model with 1 color for 1 ri, do not mix colors, because that will be very difficult to sell.

And if you sell the market, you can choose a variety of colors also dc, okay, creating a variety of colors for customers to choose.

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