Long Thanh wholesale medical masks factory

by Long Bùi
Long Thanh wholesale medical masks factory

Long Thanh Garment Factory specializes in providing wholesale masks for customers at home and abroad, with high ability of dust and antibacterial filter, helps reduce the risk of respiratory diseases, recommended by the Ministry of Health.

Currently, the disease situation is very complicated due to the new strain of Corona virus, making people in Vietnam in particular and the world in general extremely worried and insecure.

To prevent the spread of this new strain, the Ministry of Health recommends that people wear masks when going to the street, and going to crowded places to avoid gathering to minimize the spread in the community.

With the increasing demand for masks, the number of medical masks and antibacterial masks is limited, making the mask market increasingly scarce.

Medical masks wholesale price in Long Thanh

If you are looking for a medical mask wholesaler to buy business, Long Thanh Garment Factory is the address you are looking for, in addition we also provide other types of masks such as baby masks, cloth masks, antibacterial masks, ...

Medical masks wholesale

Long Thanh medical mask meets ISO 13485: 2016 standard

With a system of modern machines, censored, manufactured according to the process, medical masks in Long Thanh help filter dust, antibacterial maximum, with 4 layers of safety protection, helping customers complete peace of mind when using.

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Long Thanh Garment Factory specializes in wholesale wholesale masks for customers nationwide, delivery.


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