Guide see wholesale prices of children clothing at Long Thanh Garment

by Tây Võ Ngọc
Guide see wholesale price of children's clothing at Long Thanh Garment

To help customers easily choose and see prices at the Long Thanh Garment we will guide you how to see the wholesale prices of children clothing in the fastest and most understandable.

At present, we offer a wide variety of children clothing from small to large size, each model we provide is in the right shape and style to help customers in the far easier choice over the Facebook, Google+, Line, ...

Long Thanh Garment

Each product we offer through the image is marked with a different identification code, but the codes are created according to a certain rule, so that customers and consultants can easily view the price and choose.

Here are some sample images to help customers know the price and size for each product, I will say specifically as follows: At the workshop is providing children clothing based on the number of children correspond to Each size is as follows: 1 - 10 (110) - 5 - 20 kg, 1 - 12 (112) - 5 - 25 kg, 1 - 24 (124) - 5 - 35 kg, 18-24 (1824) - 15 - 18 - 32 (1832) - 15 - 35 kg * (T-shirt) 20 - 40 kg, SML - 25 - 45 kg.

Example: Product code: LT112100


  • LT - is the abbreviation of Long Thanh Garment
  • 112 - is Size 1 - 12 
  • 100 - is the price of that product

Especially in Long Thanh every product they then provide follow ri, and each ri such default is 4 product.

That is how to see the wholesale price of children clothing at the Long Thanh Garment hope this article will help you, wish you a happy day, especially happy and especially the tailor shop.

Questions or problems that you do not understand or are unhappy about the products or services of our company please send us.

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