Dresses children beautiful wholesale price for customers

by Long Bùi
Dresses children beautiful wholesale price for customers

Dress - is one of the most popular children costumes that most parents buy for their daughters to wear on important occasions such as holidays, holidays, or simply traveling, attend conferences, weddings, parties, etc ... So the dresses can be used almost anywhere.

Not only will they help your baby get comfortable every time they go to the street, they will also help your baby love more stylish and more confident. Currently there are many beautiful dresses, quite elaborate designs, sewn with many different fabrics: Tole, jean, poly, ....

Because of these factors, the business of children dresses is also easier, if you are in the children fashion business, you cannot ignore this type of dress.

However, it is not easy to get a good source of cheap and cheap products. Here, I will introduce to you where the supply of children dresses at wholesale prices does not go through intermediaries, and is very reputable. .

dresses kids wholesale price

The garment factory provides children dresses wholesale prices in HCMC

Long Thanh Garment Factory is a facility specializing in providing and producing children dresses in Ho Chi Minh City area which is well known by domestic and foreign customers, with reasonable prices, nice designs, high quality, on-time delivery. , especially the policy of extremely good returns for customers.

Factory supply children dresses wholesale price

In addition to providing domestic customers, Long Thanh Garment Factory is also a unit specializing in distributing children dress for overseas customers in Southeast Asia such as Thailand, Myanmar, Malaysia, Cambodia, ....

The garment factory provides children dresses wholesale prices in HCMC

With the foundation of a children garment processing factory, customers can order sewing according to the designs that they design with the price can be much cheaper than importing the available items, along with It is a tremendous benefit if you know how to seize this opportunity.

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Contact the factory provide children dresses

  • Address: 19 Phu Hoa, Ward 7, Tan Binh District, Ho Chi Minh City
  • Hotline: 0908 620 739 (Viber / Line / Sky / Whatsap)

Beautiful wholesale children tole dresses for girls

Tole is a kind of material commonly used for making children clothes, very suitable for baby skin, feels comfortable, comfortable, does not cause itching every time they wear. HPlease quickly set up the latest models to bring them to sell, each day Long Thanh Garment Factory will produce different models for customers to choose.

 So your store will have a new template for doing business every day, creating a sense of excitement for your customers, enabling your business to grow smoothly that is what we always want.

Some beautiful tole dresses for customers:

Children tole dresses wholesale price

Where to sell cheap children dresses in HCMC

Tole dresses for girls wholesale price

Children tole dresses wholesale price tphcm

Dresses jeans wholesale price for customers

In addition to tole or poly dress models, Long Thanh Garment Factory also regularly updates new jean dress patterns for customers to choose, ensuring a variety of items every day. Jeans dresses is also chosen by many customers for your baby, the new jeans dresses provided by Long Thanh are definitely not to be missed.

Jean dresses for wholesale kids

Jeans dress for girls wholesale price

Wholesale jeans for kids in HCMC

So if you are a new business or you are a professional business, Long Thanh Garment Factory is also a great choice for you. We not only supply dresses but we are also a specialized workshop providing children clothing wholesale price in Vietnam with full range of children fashion items such as: pants, shirt, suit, skirt, wholesale, overalls, ....

Please contact us today for the best products.


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