Specializing in baby dress with the wholesale price

by Tây Võ Ngọc
Chuyên bán sỉ đầm trẻ em

Long Thanh garment is place supplying exporting baby dress with the wholesale price in Ho Chi Minh City with high quality brand. With many years of experience in exporting baby clothing field in Vietnam, Long Thanh garment bring the belief for many customers in the domestic and abroad. We always commit to bring the best price and service for all customers.

Some advantages and disadvantages when there are too many exporting baby clothing suppliers

- Advantages:

+ When having many baby clothing suppliers, it will help you can easily compare and select the best products for yourself.

+ There are various styles and the competitive price

+ You will receive many choices from different suppliers

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- Disadvantages:

+ The first one is when have many baby clothing suppliers, you will have difficulty in choosing a confident supplier.

+ There are too many models making you confuse to choose the best suitable models for your shop.

+ However, the most difficult for baby clothing shops and stores are to find prestigious address to take goods. It is not easy to trust and select confident supplier.

dress for baby  wholesale price

Long Thanh garment would like to help you clear up queries. Currently, we specialize in exporting baby clothing in Vietnam, it is believed and chosen by many people. We commit to bring the best exporting baby clothing with the best material, good absorbability, various styles and interest policies.

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Long Thanh garment supplies children's clothing with the reasonable price:

- Make use of labor so the production cost is cheap

- We work directly with textile companies, and weave fabrics as required

- With more than 100 workers can continuously meet all needs of progress

- Clear working process, responsibility

- Modern machinery and equipment to produce over 1000 products / day.

- Ensure accurate delivery time.

- Ensure the product is of good quality


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