Choose where to buy children clothes at wholesale prices, the most profitable in HCMC

by Long Bùi

Buying and selling children clothes is very simple, if you know how to choose reputable suppliers with available goods every day, so how to know where is the supply of prestigious wholesale clothes but quality. To know that, you need to follow the following article: choose where to buy children clothes at wholesale prices.

As you know, HCMC is a place of exchange and convergence of many different cultures from countries such as: Japan, India, America, England, ... The most developed center of business economic, cultural, social. So, Children clothes in Ho Chi Minh City are very diverse in design and style, the source is extremely abundant.

There are 3 sources of goods for you who are dealing in children clothes: Source of garment factory, goods from market and source of agent So where to buy from 3 sources to get the most profit.

Buy from children clothing factory

Buy from children clothing factory

It can be said that the garment factory is the place to supply children clothes at wholesale price, the original price at the factory with the lowest price among the three sources mentioned above. Because every day the factory produces thousands of products and redistributes them to other business units.

Goods from garment factories are also easy to get if you know how to learn and ask questions, it is not difficult. However, the number of orders each time can be quite high, but in return, the price is very low, the profit from it is also very high.

If you have long-term experience in the children fashion business, you should order the designs available to ensure competitiveness, the price is cheaper than the ready-made items.

Along with that, you must own a relative amount of capital that can be managed in any situation, such as: if your order is slow, or defective, you can take the goods from elsewhere, avoid the situation of no sales.

Buy from wholesale markets

Buy from wholesale markets

The wholesale market is a place that provides wholesale products, in large quantities, without retail, in HCM City with famous wholesale markets such as: Thu Duc Market, Hoc Mon Market, Tan Binh Market, and An Dong Market. ..

There are two popular children fashion wholesale markets across the country, namely Tan Binh Market and An Dong Market. If you have just started a business or an online business, you can get products from these two markets, the price is low, the number of orders is not much, and you can choose the models you like.

Taking goods from the market price can be higher from the children garment factory, but in return, there are many designs for you to choose, because the market takes goods from different places such as: Thailand, Guangzhou ( china), Hong Kong, ...

Buy from dealers

Buy from dealers

The agency for distribution and wholesale of children clothing is easy to find online, by searching with the keyword "wholesale price agency for children clothing" there will be many businesses appear on google for you to choose.

However, when you get the goods from the dealer, you have to accept a higher price when taking from the factory, similar to taking goods at the market.

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From the three sources above, we know that taking goods from garment factories is the most profitable, not only cheap but also very large available stock.

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