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by Tây Võ Ngọc
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Long Thanh garment is baby-clothing distributor, prestigious supplier in Ho Chi Minh City and in the whole of country.

Currently, baby skirt is a hot item that parents love and choose for their baby by its superior features: fashion, comfort. Catching the trend, many people are looking for sources of goods to earn more income.

A question is how to find source of baby clothing with the wholesale price and original price without broker. Those are questions many people concern when they have intention in doing business. Do not worry! Long Thanh garment will help you solve all of these questions.

We specialize in producing and selling baby skirt in the domestic and aboard with the wholesale price. We are proud one of the prestigious suppliers and distributors with the best price for you in Ho Chi Minh City.

Long Thanh garment is baby wholesaler and distributor with long-term prestige and builds trust from customers, especially wholesale traders in some markets such as Tan Binh, An Dong, agents. Our products always bring satisfaction to consumers.

Baby skirt for girls

Products in Long Thanh Garment are produced according to exporting standards, with modern machines and equipments. We are constantly trying our best to create the best products, diversified designs and competitive prices to meet the increasing demands of customers.

If you are in need of finding quality children's clothing and cheap price, we think that Long Thanh garment is also one of the suppliers of children's clothing you should refer in Ho Chi Minh City.

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To get more profits in your business, you should find a prestigious provider with the reasonable price. It is better for you to find 3-5 suppliers because if you feel unpleasant with one you can choose another.

Moreover, you will receive the competitive price in the market to have more customers. So where to find baby clothing supplier with the best thing for you. The answer is Long Thanh garment.

We specialize in doing outwork kids clothes in Ho Chi Minh City, Long Thanh garment will help you find the best products with nice and unique designs. With many years of experience in garment field, we commit the quality as well as price for each product.

This is also the way to help you get source of baby clothing with the best price without any intermediary. Please contact to us!

skirt for Baby  girls

Long Thanh Garment is one of the largest suppliers of children's clothing in Ho Chi Minh City with two main products that are children's t-shirts and children's pants.

Besides clothing models for ready stock, Long Thanh Garment also receive orders as required by customers with the number of only 600 products or more, these orders will be sewn directly at the factory ensuring the best quality.


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