Dress children 6 years old

by Tây Võ Ngọc
Baby dress for girls under 6 years

In the first grade, the children have more friends, the baby is aware of beauty and beautiful clothing. 6-year-old dress with many beautiful shapes, cheap, lovely motifs is a meaningful gift to encourage the baby when he achieved academic achievements, obedient, obedient parents.

Six years old, baby started in first grade. In addition to the uniforms in school girls can not lack the fashion clothes because this is the time to contact more children, more friends, children know how to tone. Make your baby lovely, lovely to be confident when walking with friends.

Help your baby confidence and soon to form a habit of beautifying with the hottest costumes in 2018, with a collection of fashion dresses wholesale children of Long Thanh garment factory.

Some products in Long Thanh garment such as Elsa dress, princess dress, cute frocks, nice winter clothes, jackets and so many others.

Baby dress for girls

Coming to Long Thanh garment you will receive the original price:

- All products are produced directly from the factory with the competitive price.

- In particularly, we have interesting price for every customer in the domestic and foreign.

- We receive orders with the minimum 600 pieces for one model.

- We have skilled workers and enthusiastic staffs in order to support all you problems.

Long Thanh always commit to ensure that the products directly from the manufacturer to the user and control the quality to meet the increasing needs of customers.

All products in Long Thanh are of clear origin, quality, diverse types at reasonable prices. Therefore, parents can feel secure and confident when choosing to use products in the workshop.

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Long Thanh Garment Factory is built on the basis of modern information technology. The company invests in software system management, controlling all business activities, from operating, distributing products to sales, optimizing the operation process. As a result, many operating expenses have been cut in order to obtain the right price for the majority of Vietnamese consumers.

The staff is professional, enthusiastic and is the pride of the company. The total number of staff recruited and trained professionals now amounts to more than 100 employees.

In addition, the employee's spiritual wellbeing is also taken care of, along with treatment policies, inspiring work ethic and inspiring employees to contribute and bring values ​​to themselves and others. community.


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