Ao dai for baby in Tet Holiday

by Tây Võ Ngọc
Ao dai for baby in Tet Holiday

On this occasion of 2019, mothers wondered how to choose the dress for the baby in the new year to please and suitable for their baby, please refer to the gown for both girls and boys below.

In recent years, to educate children about the importance and meaning of traditional New Year, instead of buying brightly colored from China many mothers choose ao dai, turbid saturated ethnicity. There are many designs in ao dai. In addition, the traditional styles bring good luck, rich in the New Year.

In addition to the long dresses - plaid scarves with the traditional money to bring good luck, rich in the new year, now there are also many new models to match the modern trend, easy to wear. more for young children.

Ao dai for baby

Baby may not fully understand the meaning of the tunic but the baby will be very interested in this form colorful shirt.

Mothers should choose baby gowns with cheerful colors such as pink, blue, red, yellow, orange ... to help children to stand out and more lovely.

The shop provides ao dai children wholesale

Accompanied by this trend, Long Thanh Garment Factory is one of the designers of children's dresses are many parents believe most selected today. Built by young lovers, each product ao dai were born souls from skilled workers.

Special materials and designs are always renewed in each collection to bring the most comfortable and comfortable for the angels.

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More interesting, each pattern tunic child, if parents prefer can order according to family size.

For each product, Long Thanh garment factory has a strict production process from material to model, sewing, embroidery. In addition, the products after the packaging are also carefully checked to ensure the right quality and delivery time to the customer.

Ao dai for baby girls

The enthusiasm of the designers is to bring customers good products with reasonable price and the most comfortable.

We always put in the heart in each product, Long Thanh Garment Factory will certainly be one of the most reliable addresses for customers who want to find the best for their children.

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Long Thanh Garment is a business unit in the children's fashion field. We specialize in wholesaling baby dresses in the whole country with variety of designs and the best quality.

Currently, Long Thanh garment with strength in human resources, the wokers with many years of experienced in the children's clothing field, we have exported to many countries around the world. At the present, Long Thanh Garment is confident to be the best supplier of baby clothes in the market.


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