Free Returns

Long Thanh Garment Factory operates with a modern machinery system, producing in large quantities, along with a team of hundreds of employees working continuously, to bring to customers the best products Highest amount.

However, no matter how well managed it is, it is inevitable that mistakes will be made, and so will the Long Thanh Garment Factory. In the hope of troubleshooting and correcting unexpected errors in the production process, we hereby issue some of the following Exchange policy.

return and exchange

Product exchange policy

- Costumers can exchange fail products which are made by our factory.

- You can exchange products that cannot sold to get new models.

=> Conditions for exchange:

Conditions change

+ Keep whole RI as the beginning.

+ Exchanging would be done on new order.

+ Exchanged products would be discount in next order.

+ We will pay for shipping fee for exchanging.